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Everyone leads a busy life nowadays. So why not let us take care of your fitness and mindset needs. We offer  small-group training and specialised programs throughout the day to accommodate your busy  life schedule. Our focus on your mental wellbeing and physical health is our top priority so let us help YOU make the most out of your limited time.



Not just a Spin Class. This class is designed to condition your metabolic rate both inside and outside of the studio.  Burn up to 1000 calories and mentally push yourself to achieve better and faster results. Forget everything else outside this class and just focus on YOU and BL!TZ !T !.

Lifting Weights


Let's Pump !T together. Utilising time under-tension and  choreographed methods to create a deeper and more effective tension based workout get ready to burn calories, sweat your butt off and tone muscle like never before!



Let's SW!TCH off a little shall we?. This class will take you away from the extrinsic factors that over populate your day and refocus you on internalising your focus. Through movement awareness, functional rehab, breathing and mindfulness practise. Get ready to Sw!tch on by Switching off.



Barbell BL!TZ is a specifically designed class that incorporates compound weights exercises in a stationary position at the same time as incorporating interval sprints on a spin bike.


This workout is designed to give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to hitting all the main muscle groups to help increase muscular hypertrophy and tone and at the same time elevating your heart rate average consistently in order to achieve  caloric burn and to improve cardiovascular health.


This will be interval-based so whilst your cardiovascular system recovers your muscular skeletal system is doing the work and Visa Versa.


This might only take 20 to 25 minutes but it’s guaranteed To be a very effective full body weights and cardio vascular exercise.



Ideal for newbies to Spin as a tryout session.

Designed to hit your metabolism hard and fast and maximise caloric output in 30 minutes.


This one is all about pace.


It is an intense 30 minutes but one that will guarantee you an extremely productive cardiovascular health work out as well as maximum of 30 minute calorie output.